Seat Belt Slicing Devise Could Be The Difference Between Life And Death|

The Life Hammer Evolution is the super-effective personal auto escape tool by the makers of Lifehammer. The Safety Hammer Evolution was awarded the TUV safety certification and was awarded the Reddot Design Award .

The Life Hammer Evolution includes all of the advanced features built into the "Lifehammer Plus" but instead of swinging it to break a window it uses a spring loaded ceramic punch which activates simply by pressing the head against a tempered glass window. The Evolution instantly resets so it can be used over and over again.

The Safety Hammer Evolution includes:
• A non-slip grip handle that is tapered from the bottom to the top. Because of this it resists slipping out of your hand even when it is wet.
• A spring loaded ceramic punch that shatters a car's tempered glass window so you can escape. It resets immediately so it can be used over and over. The Evolution will work perfectly under water!
• A self-contained safety belt cutting section with a deep slot and angled razor blade that will hook over a safety belt here to cut right through with no problem. The razor is completely covered making it even safer than its predecessor, the Lifehammer Classic.
• a Quick Click car mounting bracket. The bracket can be positioned on either the driver's or the passenger's side door pocket in less than 3 minutes. You can mount it on the inside or outside of the pocket and at any angle you prefer. The Safety Hammer Evolution then snaps linked here into the bracket where it is always accessible .
• There is also a Pro mounting bracket available for the Evolution. It is a small (2 inch), one-piece bracket with holes molded in it for mounting with screws if needed. The Pro mounting bracket is commonly used for permanent mounting of the safety hammer in cars, buses, trucks, and tractors. Please call us to order the Pro mounting bracket.

The Evolution has the advantage of being very easy to use for anyone of any age and it will even operate under water. Order a Safety linked here Hammer Evolution for yourself and all those you care about!

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